Requisite Audio PC6

  • Price: $875/6ft
  • Conductor: Silver/Copper

And now a serious contender from the pro audio world. For the headphone guys, these are the same people who make the SR1a. This power cable was the exact one used at CanJam SoCal 2019.


Clean and smooth are the two words that describe the sound of the Requiste Audio PC6. Tonal color is neutral with a few shades of warmth. It’s not the quietest or the most precise – but it projects a large sonic image that fills the space in front of you. The soundstage realistically wide, raw, and translucent. It’s very quiet.


Acoustic outlines aren’t razor-sharp, the piano comes off a little lightfooted, and strums are a little more polite than crispy. With busier passages, there is more blending. There also isn’t a lot of atmosphere or layering. Overall, it’s just a more laid-back sound.

What the PC6 focuses on is mid-forwardness, powerful dynamics, and smoothness. It’s actually a great sound if you don’t care for the “special effects.”

It captures the important essence of the music – which shows in its presentation of timbre. Percussion, in particular, sounds very good. There’s pop in the applause of audiences and soul in cymbal crashes. It doesn’t quite “ring out” but is still convincing.

Quick Comparisons:

vs. Atlas Eos 4dd

  • Atlas is more solid and full
  • PC6 has a bigger more transparent sound
  • PC6 is more groovy than technical (4dd)
  • PC6 has a more natural grain
Who should buy this cable?
If you want a smooth and neutral sound with touches of detail and lighter tonality.

It’s a great cable if you want a nice holistic listening experience rather than something that’s focused more on the inner details. This cable does not have a lot of the “HiFi” special effects.

Seems to sound better on digital components.

Focus and imaging isn’t its best trait. It also doesn’t extend too far out both ends.

Smooth, laid back, wholesome, tubes without tubes.