We are curious audiophiles.

At Audio Bacon we value genuine impressions from actual listening tests. Although we see the merit of taking an objective approach, we believe one’s enjoyment of music is largely subjective and prefer to approach from that angle. Just because a piece of equipment measures well – doesn’t mean it sounds great to everyone.

Due to age, exposure to loud concerts, birth defects, and life experiences, no two ears hear exactly the same. There’s much to be said about the human emotional response to music. Given the fact we all listen differently, it just can’t be quantified.

Our methodology

We spend an enormous amount of time listening to products, testing permutations, and even edge cases. The goal is to reaffirm our results across different systems (and ears) in hopes of providing real value to our readers.

The goal of this journey is to decide what makes you feel good. You may gravitate towards tube amplifiers with unshielded silver wiring or the sound of single driver speakers with no crossovers. You may even enjoy the clicks and pops of listening to vinyl due to reasons of nostalgia.

Lastly, it’s easy to dismiss something as snake oil, but unless you’ve heard it yourself, you’ll be more constructive by actually spending time with these designs and do actual listening. Laws of physics and science apply – but unless you’re omniscient, you should question all your preconceptions.

We believe there’s still much more to discover in the realm of psychoacoustics. Until then, trust your ears, because they’re the only ones that matter.

How is Audio Bacon funded?

My savings account. Seriously. Very little comes from the Google Ads you see.

We’ve realized that sometimes these algorithmic advertisements will be from manufacturers that we’ve reviewed – which may seem like sponsorships. I’ve realized, it’s just the nature of the beast. As such, we’re now open to sponsored advertisements.

As many of our readers have realized – we’re ruthlessly transparent and thorough with our reviews. These sponsorships will not change that. On the contrary, they’ll allow us to spend more time on reviewing gear you’re interested in – and less time interviewing for boring jobs (seriously).

We pride ourselves with honest and in-depth audiophile reviews. This hobby requires a lot of time and money. We’re hoping to save you a little bit of both.

For our die-hard fans, we’ve also set up a Patreon page here. It’ll help us cover more gear – more often.

And if you would like to buy us a beer – cheers!