Audience frontRow powerChord

  • Price: $5,920/3 ft.

The frontRow powerChord’s individual internal conductors are comprised of our all new, modified 99.9999% pure Continuous Cast Copper, 38 strand, 6 bundle, 14 gauge wires. Configured to frontRow specifications, these wires are combined and laid out in a specific geometry and spacing, providing the least amount of magnetic inductance and interaction between hot neutral and ground conductors.

Each OCC conductor is covered in Pure Virgin Cross-linked polyethylene, with an excellent stable dielectric constant over all frequencies, and an unmatched natural quality when combined with OCC conductors in audio applications.

All frontRow powerChord OCC conductors terminate to the new Audience Rhodium plated copper wall plugs and 15 amp or 20 amp IECs. These special termination connectors insure the highest quality and most secure connections from the AC source to your components, and provide the highest signal transfer for both voltage and current. All new frontRow powerChord grounding OFC shielding shunts unwanted noise and distortion caused by RF and EMI efficiently away from signal conductors  to provide uncompressed ultra quiet backgrounds.

I just finished a review on Audience’s frontRow line of cables here.


Describing the frontRow powerChord is pretty simple. It’s a forward, solid, and darker sounding power cord. In many ways, it’s a cleaner, denser, and sweeter version of their Au24 SX powerChord. This results in a gravitational and tangible presence not heard on many cables. Given the name of this cable – I’m not surprised.

The frontRow aims to give you the illusion of having performers being in the room with you. It does so with a heavier, more homogenized coating of warm solidity. Almost like it 3D-printed an artist in front of you.

So forget about snap, crackle, and pop. Embrace the bass. Step outside the room and believe there’s someone in there. This is the most solid, seductive, and tangible sounding cable in the market – and that’s what you’re paying for. Anything that involves the midrange and below (brass, organs, drums, etc) – those instruments will materialize in front of you.

Who should buy this cable?
If you want a richer, sweeter sound with enormous density. The result is a very tangible and “physically real” presentation.

If you’re looking for something more open with more clarity – the Audience Au24 SX is a better fit – and is cheaper.

Not a lot of tonal variations or lower level grit. Treble roll-off.

Soulful, rich, dense, dark, tangible.