ZenWave PL Power Cable

  • Price: Starts at $638.00

The wire used is my exclusive 14 gauge UPOCC copper litz wire which is clear, accurate and neutral. These cables add the least possible coloration to the signal, and the damping added by the woven cotton jacket helps create a very quiet background. The plugs are Furutech FI-28(R), or the world renowned and often imitated Furutech FI-50 NCF.

In power cables the connectors are extremely important both in composition of the conductors, the plating, the wire clamps, and the resonant quality of the body. The Furutech FI-50 NCF isn’t only pretty, it’s designed to be non-resonant and reduce noise and distortion. The effect of mechanical damping, the rhodium plating and NCF material makes for a great sounding AC and IEC plug.


The character of this cable is very obvious. It’s neutral, uncolored, and super high-resolution. The tonality is one of crystalline and brilliance. There’s no warmth whatsoever. And somewhat icy.

What does this mean? Well, this cable has some of the highest levels of transparency I’ve ever heard. You hear everything.

  • Separation and laser-focused imaging are world-class.
  • Enormous soundstage – speakers disappear.
  • Fastest, snappy, and most precise transients.
  • Amazing clarity and resolution across the board.
  • Crazy delineation and outlining.

To be honest, I didn’t know a copper power cord could sound like this. You could hear all the juicy details from top to bottom – but they won’t be accompanied with any weight. It’s actually quite eerie when you hear it.

Talk about transparency…

You could hear every piece individually, and then the details within those pieces. How the drum is struck and bent, how the air comes out of a flute, the footsteps in a venue.

Bass is tight and refined but not a lot of muscle or heft. On the other side, the PL has some of the most accurate reproduction of treble I’ve ever heard. From bells to strings, to voices and cymbals.

Articulation, in particular, is top-notch. When the music gets busy – the PL is effortless. It’s quite an experience for large ensemble and other live recordings. Not so great for hip-hop, rock, or other bass-happy music. In short, the ZenWave PL basically throws a huge spotlight on the music.

Who should buy this cable?
If you’re a hardcore resolution and transparency chaser who could care less about a warmer sounding mid-range. This is the cable for you.

The sound is thinner. “Fullness” isn’t in its vocabulary. It feels like watching a projection of sound that’s deeper in front of you. It’s a very “lightweight” sound.

Bass is also lackluster in tone and weight.

Detailed, open, focused, tight, huge soundstage, laid back, super quiet, grippy, serene, airy.