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Please keep in mind this is a comparison of the world’s BEST power supplies. These were recommended by you. So consider it a filtered list of power supplies that are worth serious consideration.

Ranking these power supplies was an extremely arduous exercise. I had a listening session for each criterion so that I could focus on one thing at a time. Some of the relative differences were obvious and some weren’t. For the latter, I would have to do another heads-up comparison and do them again weeks later for the sake of consistency.

As mentioned, I enjoyed different power supplies for different reasons. Depending on what you’re planning on connecting them to, you’ll most likely decide on a different power supply for the job (rather than the same one across all your components).

The lower the number, the higher the rank for that specific criteria.

Best Audiophile Linear Power Supplies

Here's a table to help you with a purchasing decision. Again, these are just MY subjective opinions. Yours may vary depending on your equipment and tastes.

The columns are mostly self-explanatory. But I'll clarify a few.

"Shape" is how much it sounds like 3D, molded objects. Basically indicates which one gives you the impression that they're in the room.

"Technical" basically indicates which power supply does "more stuff" overall. This could be detail, soundstage, body, bass, etc. That said, it doesn't mean it's the better power supply for YOU. For example, the JCAT Optimo Duo 3 has great form, a nice sprinkle of shine, fantastic focus, good weight, and bass. But the Paul Hynes SR4-12's tonal color sounds a lot more like the real thing...but doesn't quite have the other technicals of the Optimo.
TonalityBassTrebleResolutionTextureSoundstage WidthSoundstage DepthShapeTechnical
Sean Jacobs DC41149457111
Paul Hynes SR71286241222
Plixir Elite BDC9211123103
Paul Hynes SR4T1463618434
JCAT Optimo 3 Duo4311121011545
Mojo Audio Illuminati V381107712686
Fidelizer Nikola2275525877
UpTone Audio JS-261323631098
Paul Hynes SR4-1211041136769
HDPLEX 300W31178910111110
JCAT Initio 3551213849511
Farad Super31391314119121212
SBooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII71214101314141313
Shanti Dual Linear Ultra Low Noise PSU1014891213131414

*** Update 9/11/2023: Paul Hynes has gone under a lot of scrutiny for misappropriating funds and customer deposits. Many have lost their deposits, including myself (it wasn’t a small amount). There’s recent speculation and some confirmed accounts of Paul stealing deposits from unsuspecting customers for potential power supply builds. I’m just keeping his supplies here for posterity, but please do not attempt to purchase a power supply from Paul Hynes.

Audio Bacon's PERSONAL Ranking

For those curious about what my favorite power supplies were, here are the rankings. My preference is for a warmer/darker and more romantic sound. And I'm willing to sacrifice transparency and even soundstage depth for it. Honestly, it was tough to give specific ranks to each since I enjoyed them for different reasons, especially those at the top 6.

But as you could see, some of these power supplies perform SO well in other areas - I just can't overlook their performance (the neutral power supplies tend to have more believable corporeal bodies.). So even though I MUCH prefer the tonality of the SR4-12 or Nikola2, the ones above them just have more performance in one area or another. Essentially, this is a ranking of the power supplies with the best balance of technical and musicality.

Please take this ranking with a grain of salt. Depending on the component, I may actually select a power supply lower on the list.
ColorPriceRailsPrice Per RailRank
Paul Hynes SR7Neutral$2,2002$1,1001
Sean Jacobs DC4Neutral$7,5002$3,7502
Paul Hynes SR4-12Warm$4681$4683
Plixir Elite BDCNeutral-Cool$5531$5534
JCAT Optimo 3 DuoDark$1,7702$8855
Fidelizer Nikola2Warm$7501$7506
UpTone Audio JS-2Neutral-Warm$9252$4637
Mojo Audio Illuminati V3Neutral-Warm$1,999.952$999.988
JCAT Initio 3Warm-Dark$8852$4439
Paul Hynes SR4TNeutral$5641$56410
Farad Super3Neutral$5771$57711
HDPLEX 300WWarm$6854$17112
SBooster BOTW P&P ECO MKIINeutral-Warm$3591$35913
Shanti Dual Linear Ultra Low Noise PSUNeutral-Cool$1592$8014