Shunyata Research Sigma NR

  • Price: $3,000/1.75m

The Sigma NR power cord is the ultimate expression of Shunyata Research’s Noise Reduction series. Six gauge VTX™ (hollow-core) conductors equip it to handle the highest-powered amplifiers and yet it is surprising flexible for such a large diameter cable. CopperCONN®, pure copper connectors, are the best in the business. KPIP™ eliminates burn-in issues.


If you enjoy Shunyata’s house sound – you’ll enjoy the Sigma NR power cable. It’s a relaxed and dreamy sounding cable. Its tone is more of an analog-grey. Almost milky in texture.

The Sigma NR provides nice information in decay but remains calm and collected throughout. There’s no grain or sharpness. Consequently, some of the grit and clarity is smothered. The mids are more forward and there isn’t a lot of extension up top. There’s also an undeniable sense of softness that’s blanketed across the sound. This also shows in the bass region.

Also, if you’re looking for a naturally colored sound, this ain’t it. Snoop Dogg sounds a bit like Mary Poppins. A little soft and polite. Like he’s going to bake me a cake. There’s this grey-glaze that doesn’t offer up many variations in tone. Transients are also quite a bit softer.

I think this is a great cable if want something that’s palpable and easy to listen to. Especially if you’re prone to treble fatigue.

Who should buy this cable?
If you need to calm or band-aid an overly energetic system. It has thicker but colorless paint that you could apply.

Not a lot of extension or energy on both ends of the spectrum. It doesn’t quite shine or pop.

Grey, cloudy, dull, soft, thick, smooth.