Audio Bacon's Best True Wireless Earbuds

RankBrandModelIPXBattery (buds/total)Codec# of DriversDriver TypePrice
1SoundcoreLiberty 2 ProIPX48 & 28 hoursaptX211 mm Dynamic, Custom Knowles BA,$110.99
2Master & DynamicMW07 GOIPX610 & 22 hoursaptX110 mm Beryllium$199.00
3BeatsPowerbeats ProN/A9 & 24 hoursAAC112 mm rigid aluminum linear piston driver$249.95
4Jabra75tIP557.5 & 28 hoursAAC16 mm Dynamic$179.99
5SoundcoreLiberty 2 AirIPX57 & 28 hoursaptX26 mm Diamond-coated Drivers$99.99
6SoundcoreLiberty Neo (Original)IPX75 & 15 hoursAAC16 mm Graphene$35.99
7SoundcoreLiberty Neo (Upgraded)IPX75 & 15 hoursAAC16 mm Graphene$39.99
8JaybirdVistaIPX76 & 16 hoursSBC16 mm Dynamic$179.99
9SonyWF-1000XM3N/A6 & 24 hoursAAC16 mm Dynamic$229.99
10BoseSoundSport FreeIPX45 & 15 hoursAAC??$199.00
111MoreTrue Wireless ANCIPX56 & 22 hoursaptX210 mm Dynamic, BA$199.99
12Jabra65tIP555 & 15 hoursaptX16 mm Dynamic$149.99
131MoreStylish True WirelessN/A6.5 & 24 hoursaptX17 mm Dynamic$99.99
14SamsungGalaxy BudsN/A6 & 13 hoursAAC15.8 mm Dynamic$114.00
15SamsungGalaxy Buds+IPX211 & 22 hoursAAC2?$149.99
16SennheiserMomentum True WirelessIPX44 & 12 hoursaptX17 mm Dynamic$299.95
17EdifierTWS NBIPX411 & 22 hoursaptX113 mm Graphene$119.99
18HiFiMANTWS600IPX45 & 35 hoursAAC18.5 mm Dynamic$99.00
19AukeyKey Series T10IPX57 & 24 hoursAAC1? Graphene$109.99
20AppleAirpods ProIPX44.5 & & 24 hoursAAC1?$249.00
21EnacfireE20IPX54 & 88 hoursSBC1?$49.99

Active Noise Canceling (ANC)

There are only three ANC earphones on this list that I know of. The Sony WF-1000XM3, Apple Airpods Pro, and Edifier TWS NB. Depending on whether you have ANC on or off determines sound quality.

About equalizers...

Nearly all of these true wireless earphones required some kind of EQ for optimal sound quality. And all of them don't come with parametric ones. Some of the best sounding headphones are bright out the gate but are easily mitigated through EQ. On the other hand, some headphones simply don't EQ well no matter what you do. It really depends on software and hardware thresholds. An equalizer isn't a silver bullet.

Foam tips

To keep things simple, I only used stock tips for this review (with the exception of the Sony WF-1000XM3). I do plan to re-evaluate with Comply tips in the future. It may be enough to tip the rankings a bit - since many of these earphones could benefit from foam tips.


I'll update this list as firmware and other discoveries are made. If you'd like me to add something to the list, let me know in the comments. If there are any inconsistencies, let me know and I'll reevaluate (it happens).