NRG Custom Cables The 5 Power Cord

  • Price: $328 USD including worldwide shipping
  • Conductor: 4N OFC, 4.5 AWG hot & neutral, 7.5 AWG ground
  • Dielectric: Teflon
  • Shielding: Grounded copper sleeve/shield

NRG Custom Cables’s motto is: “Design by Math & Science – Not by Marketing.” Interesting.

Well, despite what some companies may tell you in their marketing, a power cord only conducts electricity.  And when it comes to conducting electricity, there are two simple and steadfast rules:

Larger Gauge = Lower Voltage Drop and Resistance

More Insulation/Shielding = Less Interference

​I take these two rules to heart when designing and building my cables, and all but ignore the “fluff” that’s out there.  I am often asked why I don’t use exotic materials, and/or why I build my cables the way I do.  To that I simply say, I build cables to provide performance and value, not marketing slogans.

This NRG cable is one of the heavier gauge cables with elegant looking connectors.


Our first neutrally toned cable in this lineup. There isn’t a lot of warmblooded sound from this cable. It’s more of a marshmallowy, dreamy white color. Texturally, it’s more glamoured and smooth – not crispy and porous.

The first thing I noticed about this cable was the authority and tightness in the bass. This cable goes low. In this regard, it is one of the most authoritative and dynamic I’ve heard thus far – especially at this price point.

As for the mids and highs, there’s nothing that’s particularly emphasized. Articulation is very smooth and instrumentation is clear and detailed. It doesn’t quite have that natural grit, crunch, or stringy texture – but the harmonic textures themselves are overlaid properly. The highs are more clean and pristine rather than shiny and energetic. In other words, polite. The soundstage is surprisingly wide, however.

In essence, this is a quality cable that is uncolored. It’s far from euphonic but has plenty of qualities of a high-end cable. One being body, good imaging, soundstage width, and tangibility.

Who should buy this cable?
If you value a clean, neutral, uncolored (and dreamy-ish) sound with fantastic bass. Physically, you do get a lot of power cord for your money. The price is hard to beat if these are the qualities you’re looking for.

Aside from bass, there aren’t a lot of tonal shades or energy to the sound. There’s somewhat of a “global roll-off” where nothing is emphasized or clearly outlined. I guess that’s what it means to be neutral.

Neutral-ish white, dense, nice slam, and uncolored.