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Review Submission


Deep comparisons will be made with your products. No product is perfect and there are always tradeoffs. If you are easily butt-hurt about the slightest negative remarks, please don’t bother sending it in.

We pride ourselves in being fair in all of our reviews and appreciate the artistry that goes into every design. The thing is – many designers don’t realize that our “negatives” are actually positives from the consumer’s perspective. It’s all subjective.

Lead Time

The current lead time is 15 weeks. This does not include show coverages or other time-critical pieces.


  • Products must be in production.
  • They should come with original retail packaging and accessories. Basically, exactly what the customer will see and get.
  • In the interest of time, we do ask that products that require a lengthy amount of break-in (over 300 hours) – are broken in before arrival. This especially applies to cables.


The manufacturer is responsible for roundtrip shipping of the product.

If a return isn’t established within 90 days of publishing – the product will be donated or discarded.

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