Audioquest Hurricane HC Power Cord

  • Price: $1,549.95/m
  • Solid Perfect-Surface Conductor Technology
  • Separately Optimized For Source & High-Current Components 
  • Directionally Controlled Conductors


The Audioquest Hurricane HC power cord has a singular personality. It prefers the fun, weighty, warm, and solid sound over a more spatial and energetic one. It also leans towards more of an analog molding of the musical pieces.

This cable has a full and fat sound. Speedy transients, cymbal sizzle, separation, organic textures? Forget about it. We’re talking a thick milk chocolate coat over everything. This, in effect, gives everything a more tangible, 3-D shape. There’s still sprinkles of sparkle, but that isn’t the star of the show.

This especially applies to vocal recordings – which are made to be addictively sweet and tangible. I really enjoyed this cable with more bass-centric and intimate recordings. It does get a little confused once the music gets busier, however.

Who should buy this cable?
If you prefer a wet, liquid, thick, and more tonally smokier sound.

It’s not muffled – just not as resolving. May be a great cable if there’s already too much treble or brightness in your current system.

This cable is far from transparent. It lacks clarity, vibrancy, detail, and lower level nuances. This affects soundstage focus and the stereo image.

Tonally dense, liquid, heavy, sweet, analog, smokey, juicy, grey.