I’ll get to the Furutech NCF Booster – but first, a story about a burrito.

So my girl and I went to a local Mexican joint the other day. It had amazing reviews on Yelp – and the photos looked great.

When we got there, everything was uber systematic and “proper.” Apparently, they pride themselves with a neat space, the highest quality of ingredients, and customer service.

This burrito looks way too perfect.

There was a problem, however. The food was delicious…but it was too clean. For me, Mexican food tastes best with a little bit more grease…cooked with those roasty bits of charred, buttery goodness from the previous order. That’s what gives it character!

When it strays too far from the “norm” – it loses its authenticity. In the end, this burrito was “pure” in many ways – but it didn’t taste right to me.

Audiophile Tweaks

The same could be said about Audiophile “tweaks.” They’re meant as finishing touches rather than a core part of the sound system. That’s not because their effect is subtle. On the contrary, they have the potential to be quite transformative.

Many of these tweaks attempt to reduce RFI and EMI or mechanical vibrations. Depending on the materials and components used – they could have a different effect on a variety of systems. I mean, even a bag of chips could change the sound for the better (and worse).

The Norm

Many recording studios don’t use wooden blocks to elevate their cables off the floor. In addition, they don’t use cryogenically treated outlets or magic dots on the wall. Although some of these tweaks have measurable results – we can’t work with the absolutes just based on how many variables there are.

I’m going a bit against the grain for saying this – but by not having the ultimate purity or isolation in a system – it may not be a bad thing. Sprinkle in some RFI or vibrations – and it might actually sound better to you.

These tweaks require an open-mind and experimentation. Some will integrate well – and some will not. They’re system-dependent. This hobby is a constant balancing of art and science. Just some food for thought.