Vovox Textura

  • Price: $340.00
  • Conductor: Single-core conductor made of continuous cast copper
  • No shielding

A budget power cord I’ve kept over many years. It also one of the few power cord which uses solid-core conductors. Check out the review of the entire Vovox Textura line here.


One of the most natural-sounding power cables at any price point. It has a tonal quality that’s instantly more believable. Although not the most well-extended nor meatiest of sounds – it prides itself with precision, especially in regards to timbre. It’s still very dynamic with propulsive bass.

You’ll have to spend more to get much better (Furutech DPS-4 with FI-50 NCF(R), Snake River Cottonmouth Signature). In fact, the Vovox sounds a little cloudy and grey compared to those cables. For the price, it’s hard to complain.

For all that it does well, one does wish for a more palpable and gravitational sound. The transients could use more clarity and perhaps more transparency overall. There’s a slight hint of a veil and there isn’t much room reach. As a result, some lower-level textures (metallic sound off cymbals) are smoothed over. It’s not super crisp or clean, but it’ll still sound fairly natural.

Rather than throwing its weight around, the Vovox Textura is inclined to be more “zen.” It’s more about balancing warmth, shine, and resolution.

Quick Comparisons:

  • vs. Acrolink 7N-P4030II
    • More lightweight, quieter, and more open sounding vs the Acrolink.
    • More vibrant vs the Acrolink.
    • Acrolink is much denser sounding.
    • More articulate vs the Acrolink.
Who should buy this cable?
If you value tonality and don’t have a huge budget, the Vovox Textura might be a good fit. There’s a lot of “intent” and musicality to be had. It’s intimate, dynamic, punchy, and has good tonal color.

Doesn’t have much clarity or air. It may be overly smooth for some ears. Not the deepest nor widest soundstage.

It doesn’t seem to sound as good with digital devices. It’s better for amplifiers and active subwoofers.

Grounded, intimate, smooth, dynamic, accurate.