Audience Au24 SX powerChord

  • Price: $4,466/3 ft.

The Au24 SX powerChord is the result of new R&D innovations and the culmination of 20 years of experience in powerChord design. The Au24 SX represents the pinnacle for Audience and the attainment of a goal to be the best in the industry.

The sound is dynamic, musical, rhythmic, and unparalleled harmonic resolution providing music lovers with a new dimension in music enjoyment. We feel that the SX powerChord provides enhancement on par with one of our top end power conditioners.


We’ve recently written a Full Loom review of the Audience Au24 SX line of cables here. But let’s go into more detail with this popular power cord.

If you’re looking for a “musical power cord” with fantastic weight and dynamics – consider the Au24 SX. Many power cords come off a little too thin and shiny. On the flip side, some cables are too dark, veiled, and flat. The Au24 SX has a little bit of everything to balance things out.

The Au24 SX is forward, meaty, and molds singers and performers into a more tangible form. It’s definitely more lifelike in body than it is in resolution. The result is a powerful sense of gravity to the music.

Outlines are more creamy as opposed to laser cut. And it trades flair and clarity for something more romantic. It still sounds open and detailed – and cymbals still sound very convincing. But you won’t get that crispy “zing” or atmosphere.

Bass definition is fantastic and the soundstage is surprisingly wide for such a tonally dense sounding cable. Overall just a nice tonal balance from top to bottom. It’s especially great for organ music.

With the Au24 SX, the vibe is more chillax, effortless, and buttery smooth. It supplies a wonderful amount of variations in tone, scale, and texture. The way it balances both body and resolution makes it a top-tier power cord in my books.

For its solidity and overall balance, I actually prefer the Au24 SX to their (pricier) flagship frontRow powerChord.

Who should buy this cable?
As far as power cables, this is one of my top picks. Its tonal balance is one of musicality. It just keeps you engaged.

There is coloration – and it’s a shade of a lighter brown or grey. It gets tonal color closer than most – but not quite there.

The top end is also slightly rolled off. It doesn’t exactly “ring out” or “jingle” but is in no way dull.

Weight, body, dynamics, solid, dense, musical, romantic, sweet, effortless.