Morrow Audio MAP3 Power Cord

  • Price: $379.00
  • Conductor: Military Grade Silver-coated Copper Stranded wire
  • Dielectric: Teflon

There are 12 runs of wire in the MAP3 Power Cord. A special weaving of the wires are incorporated to reject RFI. Plugs are rated at 15 amps, unless the 20 Amp IEC is incorporated.

One of the thinnest power cords in this lineup.


Before breaking it in, it came off a bit sharp. After 100-ish hours, it settled.

This is a silky smooth sounding cable. I’ve written “Clean and easy to listen to” multiple times in my notes. The tone is definitely on the cooler end of the tonal spectrum. Texturally, there’s also a neutral “glaze” that isn’t overdone.

The MAP3 presents good separation and imaging. It also provides a fantastic insight into vocal cords and material composition of instruments. There’s a nice helping of crispness and transparency.

The sound doesn’t really protrude into the room but sits back. The spectral extension isn’t extraordinary on both ends but rolls off quite smoothly. Bass definition is good and the sound is also realistically dense. Transients such as string plucks are relayed with less “zing” and more elegance and softness.

In many ways, it’s a “less heavy” version of the aforementioned NRG The .5.

Who should buy this cable?
If you enjoy a neutral sound with a splash of warmth and textural detail. The Morrow MAP3 is relaxed yet dynamic when called for. Soundstage is wider than it is deep. More “chill” than it is vivid.

If you enjoy a more uncolored sound – not many tradeoffs. The MAP3 does not emphasize the top or bottom. It’s not going to be the most atmospheric or propulsive – but remains clean throughout.

Neutral, silky smooth, textural insight, tamer highs.