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Synergistic Research – HFTs, Black Box, and Atmosphere XL4

This is a continuum of our Synergistic Research – Full Loom Edition series. This article will be focusing on their room acoustic products. Jim Smith’s Get Better Sound was one of my first reads when I decided to really start building my system.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, I highly recommend…

Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE Review – Going Low to Get High

In my earlier audiophile days; I asked my cousin Alan, an audiophile veteran, “What should I focus on first?” With a momentous thought, he quickly responded. “Power. Quality power, proper grounding, and vibration isolation.” A bit anticlimactic I must admit. He went on to explain how dirty input power can permeate into our systems and…

Synergistic Research – Full Loom Edition

I’ve been curious about Synergistic Research products since I’ve acquired their Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 3 HC Power Cord and their BLACK Quantum fuses. These products have brought new life into my system in ways I didn’t imagine possible. It went from a veiled and congested sound to something more quiet, dynamic, vivid, and most importantly, musical….