Audio Bacon’s review queue is always growing. Sometimes we just have a few hours or days with a product. Quick Bits are meant to give our readers a concise overview of a product. We’ll let the photos speak on the superficial, features, inputs/outputs, etc. We’ll most likely skip all the technicals and get straight what’s most important – how it sounds.

The Prism Sound CALLIA is a DAC and preamplifier. It also has a built-in headphone amplifier with its own volume knob.

  • 44.1kHz to 384kHz
  • DSD64 or DSD128
  • Low impedance headphone output (adjustable via dip switches).

Price: $2,750



  • Tonally more on the leaner, thinner, and drier side of the spectrum, which imparts transparency, detail, and spaciousness.
  • Articulation is quick and crispy with an undeniable clarity.
  • More energetic overtones with plenty of sparkles and sizzle up top. Cymbals have a nice shine.
  • High resolution. Textural cues trade body for resolution and delineation of lines.
  • An incredibly wide soundstage and large image.
  • Vocal recordings are very detailed and have plenty of surrounding air.
  • Tonally shifted towards the higher frequencies of the spectrum. Bass doesn’t quite have that low-end grunt or weight but is very well-resolved.
  • with Chord Blu Mk.2 input (RCA coaxial)
    • More fleshed out and consolidated. Much more focused. In comparison to straight USB from the Innuos server, the central image is much less “diffused.”
    • More aural contrast, especially on the low end. Bass lines and plucks have more thump and weight.
    • Overall more textured and solid sonic landscape.
    • Much smoother mids. No signs of grain.
    • Ever so slightly warmer.
    • Improved phase timing and timbre
    • Coats the sound with more liquidity
    • Quieter and more nuanced in the lower level details.

Final Thoughts

  • Drives most headphones very well.
  • Wish there were a remote. It’s been a while since I had to turn a knob from my listening position.
  • More tonal density is provided when fed from a Chord Blu Mk.2. Scales very well with better sources. Current CALLIA owners will find the new Chord M Scaler to be a very worthy addition to their system.
  • Those looking for something warmer and richer sound will have to look elsewhere.
  • Those looking for a transparent, resolving, and energetic sound, the CALLIA might your ticket.

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