These truly wireless earphones required EQ to sound best. BUT, unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an app, so you’ll need to use your player’s equalizer. Tidal doesn’t have one, but Spotify does.

Your settings may vary depending on your sensitivities.


I’ve written a full review of these true wireless earphones and the bottom line is – they need to be EQ’ed to sound good. Out of the box, the mids have a “cupped” sound and dynamics are lo-fi. There’s a noticeable emphasis on the top end of the spectrum and the midrange is a bit hollow. It’s a more laid-back and relaxed sound rather than a forward and crisp sound. It’s still smooth and textured but relatively flat with poor imaging. Bass is also pretty light – no amount of EQ will help. When I think about the sound holistically the word “vintage” comes to mind.

After boosting the lower mids (250 Hz) and a cut at around 14 kHz (maybe lower) seems to fix some of these issues. You’ll get more warmth, body, clarity, and texture. The sound opens up and offers up more tangibility. It maintains more of a matte, non-fatiguing sound. Also, these buds are great if you tend to play music loud. Overall, a “natural neutral” sound that has a bit of bloom around the edges. You won’t get much shine but a sweet liquid sound.

Please check out my review here.


  • Samsung Galaxy Buds: The HiFiMAN is warmer, smoother, and richer than the Samsungs, but not much in the clarity and resolution department. The TWS600 is more densely layered and has more accurate timbre as well.
  • Apple Airpods Pro: The HiFiMAN has better articulation, is more engaging, and is cheaper. It’s not as smooth, focused, or clean but has more HiFi qualities. The catch is that you are required to EQ the HiFiMAN. The EQ’ed Apple comes off bright, thin, and flat. But it does have more bass and a larger sound.

Who should buy these?

If you’re open heavy EQ’ing a sound that has an uptilt towards treble, the TWS600 is physically capable of sounding good. This is especially if you want a clean, transparent and neutral sound. Those looking for richness, articulation, and bass might want to look elsewhere.