Edifier TWS NB


For whatever reason, the TWS NB sounds warmer and smoother with “noise reduction” on. But you’ll get more detail and a more open sound with it off. I preferred this setting set to “on” as it adds more warmth and smooths out the upper mids. It also improves timbre. The TWS NB will flash green when noise reduction is on.


This true wireless earbud doesn’t sound like many of the others. It has some high-performance qualities but leans towards a more analog, intimate, and heavier sound. It doesn’t sound open or airy but more grounded. The treble is rolled off pretty good. The upper mids have a bit of edge. The top end has a little bit of sizzle and metallic shine. Mids are sweet and smooth and has decent timbre – but isn’t super transparent. The low end is clean and present – but doesn’t make itself “rise above” the other frequencies.

Imaging is a little soft but the bass could get punchy at times. Although you won’t get amazing transparency or textural cues – there is a lifelike analog quality to the Edifier. There’s a calm, sweet, and elastically connected sound. And there’s still good depth and tone. Overall the sound is more grungy and relaxed but still fun. The music is more fleshed out and smoother than most of the other true wireless buds – which still gives you the impression of a live concert. In other words, less artificial. Although not a technical achiever, especially as far as delineation – it’s still musical and provides an atmosphere that still works.


  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless: Sennheiser is cleaner, more forward, smoother but a more spread out and has much flatter image. The Sennheiser simply doesn’t have much depth and is surprisingly softer. In addition, you get tighter bass but the tone is pretty cold. The Edifier is more laid back, more squeaky, warmer and cozier. To my ears, the Sennheiser wraps a flat plane around your head while the Edifier sounds far more natural with better timbre – even from a technical perspective. Both have some problems, but the Edifier just comes off more musical, engaging, and has a much wider range of tonal hues.
  • Soundcore Liberty Neo (Original): The Edifier is more analog, forward, and has more lifelike details. The Soundcore does a better job of delineation and has a much blacker background. The Edifier does sound more “real” due to its super smooth and fuller sound. But the Soundcore has the better timbre and tonal accuracy. You get more color. So which one you decide on depends on what you’re looking for.
  • 1More Stylish True Wireless: Somewhat of a halfway point between the Soundcore Liberty Neo and Edifier. 1More is denser and has near the timbre accuracy of the Soundcore Liberty Neo original, but has more the forwardness and smoothness of the Edifier. The Edifier still has a wider sound that “fills the ear” but lacks the focus of the other two buds. The 1More does come off more relaxed, darker, and has even less shine up top.
  • Sony WF-1000XM3: The Edifier is warmer and more intimate sounding. It has a romantic presentation. But transients and details are smeared in comparison. It’s just a sweeter sound. The Sony is technically superior. Aside from being more detailed and focus, the level of articulation is in another league. The Edifier starts to sound a little mushy if the music gets busy – but the Sony doesn’t falter.
  • Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: The Soundcore is much thinner but far more detailed and transparent. Timbre is better and the background is blacker. It is, however, sharper in the upper mids, which gets irritating. Overall, a more treble-present, skinnier, and colorful sound. The Edifier is much smoother and easier to listen to but isn’t as clear cut and tonally variant. As far as “being analog”, the Edifier is the more “HiFi” of the two but the Soundcore has better timbre accuracy.

Side Notes

  • I can’t find a way to turn off the flashing LEDs during use. So listening in the dark is a bit annoying.

Who should buy this?

Overall, a little rough in the upper mids and not the most resolving TWS earphone. But an analog sound that’s easier to listen to and gives you the impression of an intimate venue – or a vintage tube amp. It’s naturalistic in some ways, and dreamy in others. I would say it has an interesting sound that is still musical in its own novel way.