Aukey Key Series T10

This earphone sounds like a warmer, thicker, sharper sounding Apple Airpods Pro. It lacks clarity, focus, and isn’t very snappy or punchy. It’s very flat and non-delineated. You can’t tell what instruments are playing – but voices do come clear. There’s a tiny bit of air but it mostly just closed in. “Blobby” comes to mind. Timbre accuracy is terrible. Grainy, veiled, muffled, incoherent, the list goes on.

Overall, just a muddy, rough, dimension-less sound. No detail, no flair, no bass, no treble. Extension is also poor on both ends of the spectrum. Every recording sounds confusing and disoriented. For what it’s worth, it’s still easy to listen to and the dense coating might appeal to some. I don’t think sound quality was the goal of this earbud. Maybe packaging? Given its price tag, I don’t think they will be selling many of these buds.


  • Apple Airpods Pro: Both don’t sound that great (especially for their price points), but the Aukey has a more solid, warmer, and fuller sound. Lyrics are more intelligible and the timbre sounds more accurate.

Who should buy this?

If you want an inconvenient carry case and have tiny fingers to take the buds out. Or crappy, muddy, sound. Or throw away $110. As far as sound quality is concerned, it is most definitely not worth the money. But somehow – it has such positive reviews on Amazon (shrug).