1More True Wireless ANC IEM


These earphones sound very different depending on which of the four modes you have activated. Unfortunately, you’ll have to traverse the modes if they’re placed back in the case.

  • Normal: This more has a balance towards the treble. Timbre is a mess and the mids are a bit coarse, wiry, and recessed. It lacks solidity, warmth, and coherence. Bass is really light in this mode.
  • ANC Mode 1: Way too much bass but warmer and more forward. Mids are still a bit coarse.
  • ANC Mode 2: Better than both normal and ANC #1. A good balance of bass, forwardness, warmth, and density. You do lose quite a bit of treble and midrange detail, however.
  • Ambient Mode: There are weird thinness and bulge in the sound. Sounds close to the normal mode.

Listening will be done in ANC Mode 2.


Although not the blackest of backgrounds, the first thing I noticed is how well it resolves details – if you’re paying close attention. Although it doesn’t have that golden hue, there’s more tangibility and apparent resonances, especially with piano recordings. There isn’t a lot of air but plenty of smoothness and resolution. It’s not very tactile or “stringy” so delineation comes off a little soft. The edges of the sound seem to have more density than the midrange – so voices will come off clean and clear but flat.

In ANC #2, you’ll get thick warmth and an overall soft and cozy atmosphere. Bass is also quite punchy in this mode (especially in comparison to “normal” mode). In the end, there’s something a little off about how the music is imaged. Drums and strings would appear in the foreground when they’re supposed to be balanced on the sides and the mids seem a little further back at times. Nevertheless, I still found the 1More to be engaging enough.


  • 1More Stylish True Wiress: The Stylish doesn’t get as loud and is thick cross the board while the ANC has more clarity and shine in the midrange. The ANC separates the mids and bass much better – and is a clear upgrade.
  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless: The 1More sounds closer to a reference system. Even in ANC #2 mode, the 1More blows the Sennheiser out of the water with more texture, dimension, focus, and better tone. It sounds far more nuanced in comparison. The Sennheiser sounds dull, sleepy, and soft.
  • Bose Soundsport Free Wireless: The Bose has more bass thump, proper shine, and coherence over the 1More. The Bose is more forward while the 1More is more recessed with some coarseness. The 1More has more tonal color and clarity, but not nearly as smooth. The 1More sounds a bit messy while the Bose is 100% analog.
  • Jabra 65t: More colorful over the Bose Soundsport Free, but not as smooth. Flatter and not as dynamic as the 1More ANC but has more sparkle.
  • Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: 1More has a flatter sound (not as spacious) but more solid and forward. In ANC #2, it sounds more neutral, relaxed, and smoother. The Soundcore is more “alive” and precise. It builds up the atmosphere and tone of the recordings in a more vibrant fashion.

Side Notes

  • It’s hard to get a good fit with these IEMS for some reason. I had to use a smaller tip. Might be due to the vertical nozzle shape.
  • When you take an earbud off, the music will pause, and you’ll have to double click to replay. Most TWS earbuds would just continue playing.

Who should buy this?

As far as sound quality, I wouldn’t pay full retail price for these. Each mode has its own sound and it’s tough to be a consistent listening experience with the 1More ANC TWS earphones. Optimistically speaking, you have four modes to choose from (lol). It does sound more natural than half of the buds on this list but also has its own problem with articulation and coherence. Perhaps some of these issues could be solved with a firmware update. We’ll see.