1More Stylish True Wireless


I ran the “smart burn-in” feature on the 1More app. No EQ is available.


Let’s get this off the table, the 1More Stylish True Wireless earphones is not a very detailed, hyped, or open sounding earbud. Instead, it has this warmer sound that encompasses plenty of soulful essences. Especially when it comes to vocal recordings. Technicalities aside, this earbud probably gets you closer to what the intended level of warmth.

Although it won’t have that shimmer, shine, or air, it imparts a very faithful tone in the areas that count. Bass isn’t very tight but has sufficient presence. Whether that be applause from an audience in an intimate venue or saxophone off a jazz track – the 1More Truly Wireless makes it fun and sounds natural. Although the midrange is slightly veiled – you could still hear through it – uncovering textures and details. It’s definitely heavier than it is dynamic – so not a lot of tactility. Its worst quality is probably its paper-thin flatness – which some cheaper buds do better.

Although the background isn’t pitch black and outlining and focus is very soft, the sweet sound is addictive. Soundstage is still realistically sized and micro-details still make it to the denser surface. The main tradeoff for the 1More is in air, brilliance, and snappy transients. But if you’re looking for something dense, warm, and cozy – grab this earphone. I’ve taken the 1More Truly Wireless on a few of my recent trips. Although I do yearn for more detail – I just enjoy the overall silky smooth and dense sound for easy listening.


  • Jabra 75t: The 1More sounds warmer and more natural than the Jabra. But the Jabras are more resolving and dynamic. I prefer a richer signature of the 1More but the technical qualities of the Jabra (along with some EQ) makes it the better TWS earphone.
  • Beats Powerbeats Pro: It sounds like a less refined version of the Powerbeats Pro. It doesn’t really care for the details or technicals but focuses on forwardness and density. Hence, if you enjoy this signature, an upgrade to the Powerbeats Pro is logical.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds: Samsung is more open and spacious sounding. Makes the 1More sound quite congested. But the Buds are rougher and much sharper. It’s also tonally cooler, more transparent, and quieter. You’re able to hear more reverb tails clearly through the Samsung. Samsung is technically better, but 1More is more “musical” and has more bass. A toss-up.
  • Jabra 65t: The Jabra is more open, lighter weight, and more precise. The 1More is thicker and more heavy-handed. Everything sounds like it’s performed in a very intimate venue. If you prefer a rich sound, the 1More is probably better fit. Although I prefer the tonality of the 1More, I enjoy the clarity of the Jabra. So, it’s a bit of a toss-up.
  • 1More ANC: The ANC is more refined and sounds better than the Stylish in any of the ANC modes.

Side Notes

  • The latest firmware now allows you to change the volume with a single click. Useful!

Who should buy it?

The 1More Stylish True Wireless is warm, forward, and dense. It throws away image accuracy, clarity, and resolution for a richer listening experience. Great for hip-hop, jazz, and other genres that benefit from a lusher sound. If you want transparency, dynamics, and treble – the 1More Stylish won’t be a good fit. The 1More is a more “general purpose” TWS earphone that aims to keep your head bobbing.