Samsung Galaxy Buds


A bit odd but you have to download the Samsung Wearable app with the Buds plugin. You’ll need to enable “Dynamic” under the Equalizer to get the most performance out of the Galaxy Buds. When this isn’t enabled, the sound is thin and dry. Also, make sure to have the right ear tips – it makes a huge difference.


At first, these Buds sounded quite strident and abrasive to my ears. After tip changes and EQ, it’s much better. There plenty of air and spatial detailing. Although not a lot of warmth or bass, it’s a clean, cool, and lean sounding earbud. It does have a sheen and borders on polite and analytical.

There’s this super annoying sibilance that I can’t seem to reduce. Otherwise a very dynamic, spacious, and highly resolving sound. Transients are snappy, good separation, and good depth. Bass is light but present and sets the rhythm well. It’s a clean rather than warm sound. Extrapolating a more warmblooded sound with more body and this earphone would rock.

The Samsung Galaxy Bud is a little too clean and cold (and sharp) for my tastes but superbly detailed, brilliant, dynamic, and fun. It’s a little hyped over time but didn’t experience any serious fatigue.


  • Jabra 75t: Samsung sound quite monochrome in comparison to the Jabra. The 75t also has much more powerful bass. The Jabra is a clear winner.
  • Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: Soundcore has much better tonal color – but sounds flatter in comparison to the Buds.
  • Soundcore Liberty Neo (Original): The Soundcore sounds more grounded and admittedly, more natural. Not quite as dynamic, exciting, or quiet but makes the Samsung sound devoid of any tonal saturation. To my ears, the Soundcore is cheaper and better sounding.
  • Edifier TWS NB: Edifier presents more shape and warmth while the Samsung has more clarity. The Samsung does seem to have more precision in the soundstage, however.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds+: With both in “Dynamic” mode I actually preferred the signature of the original Buds. It’s more organic, warm, and rich. It’s not as detailed and doesn’t have as black a background as the Buds+, but it’s far more engaging to my ears. The Buds+ sounds a little thin and icy – and the bass is not as heavy. A bit of a surprise since the Buds+ have two drivers.

Side Notes

  • Might benefit from Comply tips to warm up the sound.
  • Super easy to pair.
  • The capsule is one of the smallest for portability.
  • The passive isolation on this thing is pretty nuts.

Who should buy this?

If you’re looking for a bud that sounds natural and will seduce you – this isn’t it. The Samsung Galaxy Buds require tuning to sound good. It’s more clinical and vibrant than it is euphoric. But it handles a few technical qualities very well – especially in regards to spatial clarity.