Gryphon Audio was recently relaunched in the US at The Source AV. The Pantheon Reference speaker sounds incredible. There’s this rhythmic involvement with the music while Jimi Hendrix’s Born Under a Bad Sign was played. Rich, textured, and full-bodied.

I may actually get these drivers for a DIY project. Amazingly transparent and fast.

I was one name away from taking the gold! (shakes fist)

You might’ve seen these speakers in the lobby area. At $3,000 for a pair, I thought they sounded amazing.

All about that CanJam. The Godfather of Headphones is in the hizzzzouse.

We spent an enormous amount of time in this room. The presentation was enjoyable and there was a sense of community within the audience. As each component was removed and included back into the system, the differences were stark. The only purchase we made at the show were Nordost’s QRT products. They provided our B&W system with 3-4 foot of more depth and more clarity.

Grub Trucks – Lots of hungry audiophiles as most of the menu was unavailable by the time we got to them.

Been quite curious about HB Design’s power strips…

Another star of the show, the Verity Audio Lohengrin IIS Speakers ($133,000). Outside of my preference of a warmer tone, I thought these speakers were perfect. They disappeared from the room and presented a realism and coherence I haven’t heard in any system. The concept of soundstage and imaging didn’t cross my mind as I was immersed in this effortless and natural construction of the original piece. I didn’t want to leave my seat.

A closer look at the Abyss Diana driver…

Loving the look and sound of ZMF’s auteur.

Diana sounds great, especially with Jude’s own personal DAP (felt like a Head-Fi God for a few minutes). The Fibonacci hole pattern provides a nice touch of elegance and function.

Abyss Phi – My preferred headphone.

Campfire Polaris. Beautifully built.

First sub-$1000 DAP from Astell & Kern at $700. The AK70 MK2 sounded superb and I like how it feels in my hands.

The new kind of CD…

The $599 Acoustic Research AR-H1 Open Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones. They sound and feel better than what the price would suggest. Had a great time chatting with Eric Suh and will be receiving a review sample soon.

Poly is coming! October 19th (UK) with other countries to follow.

Aaudio imports: Wilson Benesch Cardinal Flagship loudspeaker ($114,500)

Martin Logan Neoliths ($80,000/pair)

Thrax Lyra ($19,000) with Basus bass unit($40,600). “The Lyra/Basus/Teres combo creates an active speaker system with unmatched synergy and visceral impact.”