NOLA Boxer S2 ($3,375.00). High speed Mundorf oil capacitors along with Nordost silver mono-filament wiring are employed to compliment the new bass drivers.

Bob Carver’s Amazing Line Source ($18,500 USD). One of the more interesting sounds of the show. It paints a musical picture right in front of you. Enormous height/depth and precise imaging. Quite a surreal experience listening to these speakers.

We’re a huge fan of Furutech connectors.

Ole Lund Christiansen is the jolliest guy at the show. These Danish JERN14 ES speakers paired with a Rel T5i subwoofer on an iron damping plate ($5,000) make their first appearance in the US. Made of cast-iron and weighing 30 pounds each, one could build some serious muscle lifting these things. The idea is to reduce sound vibrations within the cabinet. Scanspeak D2008 tweeter is improved with the wool felt damping plate. An interesting fact: They’ve made the castings for Audi, BMW, Landrover, McLaren, Porche, and Rolls Royce. I thought the sound was relaxed and fluid. Presents quite a large image for a small speaker.

Skogrand uses balsa wood in their cables.

Skogrand Cable’s room with Daedalus Audio Apollo Series speakers. Fantastically sweet yet and smooth and delicate sound from this system. Musically full of tone and timbre and never abrasive. I could also appreciate the luxurious appeal of the Skogrand cables.

PureAudioProject Quintet15 Horn1

Joseph Audio’s award-winning Pearl3 loudspeakers. Beautiful sound and presentation.

Elite AV Distribution room: High Resolution Technologies (HRT) Stage II loudspeakers ($500/pair) with Sound Anchor Pros Series stands ($800).

Kuzma Stabi S turntable to a Plinius Koru SS phono stage which fed a Manley Labs Jumbo Shrimp vacuum tube line preamp and finally out the Plinius Audio SA-201 stereo power amp.

VAC Sigma 160i integrated amplifier ($14,000)

JERN wall-mount speakers…