Merkel Acoustics R&D – A fun and immersive room where we made beats simultaneously while having our work revolve around us.

Auralic’s new Vega G2 streaming DAC

Composing our next hip-hop album…

The elegant sounding Ryan R620s

Auralic’s new Aries G2

Voxativ Hagens: These may be my next set of near-fields…absolutely gorgeous.

2 Giant Speakers, 1 Small Room. Troy Audio Hellena loudspeakers ($100,000/pair). These 300+ pound monsters deserve a larger room.

The Lumen White Kyara ($49,900/pair) and Ayon Audio Orthos XS Gen 4 mono blocks ($29,000/pair) were one of the best sounds from the show. The soundstage was unbelievably wide, stretching way beyond the boundaries of the small hotel room. There’s also a level of resolution and air not present in most of the setups at the show.

Auralic’s new and gorgeous Vega G2 streaming DAC and Aries G2 streaming transporter. With 50% faster-processing power, a browser-based interface, and user-replaceable hard disks, this streaming DAC and transport are quite versatile. I couldn’t really judge on sound as I believe this system really needed a power conditioner but I found it to be quite resolving.

GamuT Zodiac ($149,000/pair)

Salk Song3 ($2,895/pair), Schiit Yggy DAC ($2,299), Saga ($349), pre Freya ($699), Vidar ($699), Streamplayer Gen III ($1,695). I blame the room for the sharpness of this system. 🙂

Ryan R610 ($2,000)

Burwell and Sons Plain Jane loudspeaker, VPI Avenger, Transparent Ultra, and more. Click for full component list.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50 ($40,000)

Auralic POLARIS wireless streaming amplifier. 120 watts per channel @ 8 ohms

Ayon Orthos XS monoblocks

Schiit and Salk

Sonus Faber with McIntosh stack