Soundings Website

We stayed a few days after the show to check out some of the local spots. Jess Engleking from Soundings was kind enough to give us a tour of their listening rooms. The main room had a pair of Rockport Technologies Avior II loudspeakers ($38,500/pair) backed by an assortment of Boulder gear. Unsurprisingly, this room had better sound than 90% of the rooms at RMAF. They were able to apply and tweak the acoustics of the room for perfection.

Jeff ran us through their Sumiko speaker setup procedure with one of their systems. This is the same process used to setup the speakers in the PS Audio room at RMAF. You could read more about it here.


We also explored some of the home theater rooms. REL subwoofers all day err-day.

I want to the thank the great people of Soundings for taking the time to enlighten us with indispensable audio knowledge. There’s always something to learn. We’ll be announcing awards from the show in the next post. Stay tuned.