The mysterious 64 Audio “Y” earphone was one of the best sounds I’ve heard from an IEM.

The world-renowned Danacable A/B station. HiFiMAN HE-1000 V2s with Dana Robbin’s new prototype headphone amp. Danacable is known for making the best Focal Utopia headphone cables. It’s also one of the better sounding headphone stations at the show.

Going back and forth between the Utopia and Clear…the Utopia remains king. However, at half the price, I wouldn’t mind just sticking with the Clear. It has a warmer and more involving sound. It gave me that “Meze 99 Classics” feel. It’s going to be an amazing well-rounder in the headphone space.

E-MU Wood Headphones: Different wood, different look, different sound…

The Crosszone CZ-1 does better than any crossfeed circuit I’ve tried. While listening to familiar tracks, it reminded me of real-world 2-channel listening. I’m hoping to get one in for review.

Limited Edition Emerald Green TH-900 MK.2

These KSE1500 electrostatic earbuds are the real deal. Amazing speed, transparency, and musicality.

The new Mason and Mentor V3 will allow you to swap to silver or copper cable…with the same cable. Mind…blown.

The Aeon Flow Open headphones paired with the Chord Hugo 2 was a delightful combination.

Lampizator Pacific DAC Debut (Price TBA) – Gorgeous sounding especially when paired with the Salk Song3 Encore ($5,895).

SOtM’s new master clock…

The Synergistic Research Active Ground Block was the star of Ted Denney’s demonstration. Noise floor drops tremendously and provides better layering and clarity overall. If you haven’t heard a full loom SR system, make sure you check it out at the next show. We’ll be interviewing all things Synergistic very soon.

Synergistic Research 25th Anniversary power cord – Only 100 will be made, each priced at $20,000. O_O

Magico M6 ($172,000) – Exquisite. I have to tour their factory one of these days.

Aurum Cantus Melody M-103 SE ($1,800/pair) with Ginkgo Audio Super-ARCHs ($399). One of the better sounding setups at the show with a total system value of only $5,000. Superbly free-flowing, creamy rich vocals, weighty bass without interfering with the rapid rhythms. Like the Spendor + Hugo 2 setup, I was surprised and delighted by the price/performance ratio of the Aurum Cantus.