Von Schweikert knows how to setup a listening room. They placed subs in the rear to balance out the lower frequency energy in the room. Amazing sound as always.

“Where’s the sub?” I really enjoyed these Raidho D-1.1, 2-way loudspeakers. I was afraid to ask the price: $25,000. It features the Raidho Diamond Driver and the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter. Super groovy, rich, seismic, taut, and solid midrange. One of the more memorable setups at the show.

Another Hugo 2 sighting in a 2-channel setup…

Sanders Sound Systems Model 10 electrostatic speaker ($17,000). Don’t stray too far from the center line and you’ll be blessed with one of the insightful and compelling sounds. There’s an aural nuance to the presentation of these speakers.

Aavik Acoustics U-150 is an all-in-one integrated 2 x 300 watts amplifier. Photo doesn’t do it justice, beautiful amp.

Vehement’s CEO Zachary Bohannon presents the gorgeous Vehement Audio Brezza Savant ($6,985)

Canton Reference 3 K loudspeaker ($7,800/each) with Esoteric electronics. Enjoyable, sweet sound from this system.