A wonderful 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos setup. Surprised at how effective the angled speakers were at simulating ceiling mounts. Not perfect but still convincing. At $4,200 for this Elac setup, not much to complain about.

Jeff Rowland’s 1,500 WPC gorgeous integrated.


LTA ZOTL10 Mk. II – 10 watts-per-channel power amp. Old stock 12AT7 and 12AU7 tubes with Genalex Gold Lion EL84 power tubes. Musical, clean, and liquid. There’s something very special about this amp.

The successor to the award-winning ZH-230. Could be used in stereo or as mono-blocks. This is ZOTL’s flagship amplifier.

DeVore Fidelity gibbon Super Nine loudspeakers. 2.5-way design with a revolutionary tweeter and two long-throw paper woofers.

Audio Physic Avantera III ($24,995)

Raidho’s new XT-5 loudspeakers ($42,000).

Jeff Rowland Model 125 Stereo bridgeable power amp ($2,950)

Bryston’s new BP-17 Cubed preamplifier, BDP-3/BDA-3 digital player and DAC, Bryston Middle T active loudspeaker which has an outboard crossover/DSP component in the BAX-1, and Cubed 2.5/3B amplifiers.

Audio Physic Codex loudspeakers ($14,995/pair)

Fern & Roby: DeVORE Fidelity with a Linear Tube Audio (LTA) ZOTL10 Mk. II amp

Benchmark AHB2 audio power amplifier ($2,995). Claims to be the quietest, cleanest audio amplifier on the planet.