These Larsen 8s were a surprise treat. I didn’t expect this amount of depth and width with speakers placed directly against a wall. Amazingly articulate and quick with the proper amount of sparkle.

My favorite pair of headphones: The Abyss Phi

The Monitor Audio Silver 300s ($2,000/pair) sounded great for the money. Fantastic bass output for small tower with sweet and palpable mids. Paired with Roksan’s entire K3 Series electronics, which include the K3 Integrated Amp, CD Player, DAC, Power Amp, and the Roksan Radius 7 turntable.

Rouge Audio RH-5: Great sounding headphone amp. Super punchy and clean.

Tannoy Revolution XT 8F – Lush and punchy. Performs beyond the $2,600 price.

Bricasti’s M12 dual mono source controller and M1 stereo D/A.

The Tidal Akira ($215,000/pair). Probably the most lavish looking speaker at the show and has the sound to back it up. I thought I was listening to vinyl record. All digital baby.

The awkward looking arrangement with the affordable Definitive Technology BP 2000TL speakers paired with a $30k+ Merging NADAC stack…I was thoroughly impressed. Well-textured, dynamic bass, velvety mids, and a surprising level of resolution.

Focal debuts the Kanta No. 2. I actually like the yellow. Brilliant and detailed with speed and image precision.

The Krell room with the Focal Sopra No.3 ($20,000/pair) sounded more fluid and warmer than I had expected (a good thing). Krell Vanguard Universal DAC ($4,500), Krell Duo 300 stereo amplifier ($9,500), Audio Question Niagara 7000 AC conditioner ($7,995)

Larsen 8 loudspeakers ($6,995/pair)

Woo Audio WA33 fully balanced headphone and preamp. All-tube design, Class-A, output transformer coupled. ($7,999)

Checkin’ out them beautiful AB-1266s.

First developed in 1947, TANNOY developed the first true point-source transducer – the Dual Concentric driver.

Bricasti Design and Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One Evolution loudspeakers ($38,800/pair)

Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1 XD ($22,000)

Bel Canto Black EX

Tidal Piano Diacera G2 loudspeakers ($33,990)

B&W 802 D3 with Moon stack.

Simaudio Moon 780D, MQA-compatible, streaming DAC ($15,000)

Alta Hestia Titanium ($32,000)

Micromega M-One M150 ($7,499) – The most minimalistic setup at the show. An extremely versatile all-in-one amplifier paired with IsoAcoustics GAIA I and Focal Sopra No2 loudspeakers ($13,999). Just plug your source and speakers and enjoy. Great sound for the price.

Zesto Audio: Marten Django L speakers ($9,000), Allasso step-up transformer ($2,995), Leto 1.5 tube preamp ($7,500), Eros 300 class-A monoblocks ($19,900/pair), Merrill-Williams Audio Real 101.2 turntable ($5,995).

The Italian Rosso Fiorentino Volterra ($12,995)

The Tidal Akira in standard black ($215,000/pair)

Tidal Presencio ($77,990 with phonostage)

Merril Williams The Rubber Elastomeric Acoustic Laminate. (R.E.A.L.) 101.2 Turntable ($5,995)

Audioengine HD3 powered bookshelf speakers ($399/pair)

Micromega M-One 150 ($7,495)

Mark Levinson room

IsoAcoustics Gaia I – I use a few of their products for my nearfields. The Gaia’s are a different beast altogether.

Probably the tiniest wireless speakers at the show. Love the style and simplicity.

Paradigm’s Persona was ferocious in bass quantity. I was surprised there wasn’t a sub in the room! It was definitely one of the more engaging and fun rooms to be in.

The Sonoma Model One (M1) Electrostatic Headphones + DAC. The best all-in-one electrostatic headphone on the market.

Chord brought out their venerable Blu Mk2 M-Scaler and provided the most musical resolution of any setup at the show.

Acoustic Zen Crescendo MK II full range speakers ($24,000) with Convergent Audio Technology (CAT) electronics.

Wavelength Audio – Secant DAC ($5,000), Plasma Signature speakers ($20,000/pair)

The SVS Room with Dolby Atmos demo. I love SVS gear but this tiny room just wasn’t conducive to an immersive surround experience.

Elac Adante AF-61 loudspeakers ($5,000). Obviously one of the best values in speakers these days.

Pro-Ject had a huge presence at the show.

Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Evolution ($3,894 USD)

These BMS drivers sounded superb. Might pick up some for a DIY project.

Aurender High Fidelity Wireless Speaker ($3,000/pair). Uses a 18V hardware store battery for 50 hours of continuous playback.

Elac’s Alchemy DMP-1 digital media player and PS-5 upgraded power supply.

Elac’s Alchemy preamp/DAC/headphone amp ($1,999.98) and PS-5 upgraded power supply.

Gordon Rankin’s Wavelength amplifiers…

Studio Electric’s FSX (starting at $9,500) and m4 loudspeakers ($2,750/pair, $2,400 without grills)

Anthem ARC-enabled STR integrated amplifier ($4,499) powering the Paradigm Persona 3F ($10,000)

Modwright Ambrose A30 Class A, SE, 30W tube monoblocks ($16,000)