The best clips from High End Munich 2019. From teleportation roses, close-ups of the $3 million Bugatti, a beautiful performance at MBL, and of course audiophile gear. It’s all here in glorious 4K.

Behind the Scenes

Shooting at High End Munich 2019 was so much fun. I wanted to capture the scale and how it feels to be there. I tried to be a bit more creative with the shots – and bold with my requests. In fact, two of the guys in suits rush me as I went in close for the Bugatti shots: “Stay back!” lol. I received the same reactions when I gunned straight at some of these $300,000+ speakers. I thought it would bother some of the attendees but a lot of them were just fascinated with the gimbal rig. Gotta spice things up!

For those curious about what editing these videos involve. I probably had over 12 hours of footage to review, cut, and edit. If any Drake or Beyonce songs shows up faintly in the background – they have to be removed or the video would be blocked. Most of the time, you won’t even know whether there’s an infringement until you’ve upload the video to YouTube. Which means more hours editing, rendering/encoding, uploading, and reviewing. This particular video was about 25 GB – so you could imagine how time consuming it becomes.

Anyway, I’ll be posting the listening demos for my favorite rooms soon. Make sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell – we’ll be ramping up the videos soon.

In case you missed it…

Check out my show report here.

Demo Tracks from the show.

Photo Tour: