These are cables were poor performers from my listening tests.

Some of these cables could be helped with some ferrites to remove RF noise but I personally didn’t feel anything was going to save them. If you own a source like the Blu2 Mk.2 or Hugo M Scaler, I would recommend something better. For what it’s worth, I preferred the much cheaper Monoprice over any of the following.

  • Mogami ($24/2ft)
    • The tone isn’t bad but it doesn’t excel in any of the technicals. It’s not quiet, doesn’t layer the sound well, doesn’t have much dimension, not very spacious, and is polite from top to bottom. There isn’t much reach into the room or shapes on the actors. Resolution isn’t bad but isn’t great. Overall it’s just soft and dull – and sounds cheap. Some will still find this cable very musical but I wouldn’t recommend it on a high-end source like the Chord Blu Mk.2 as it’ll smooth out and mask some of the textures.

  • Amphenol RF ($23.33)
    • This is a terrible cable and should be avoided. I’m not sure I had to break this cable in longer but it was a very confusing and tonally inaccurate cable. There’s no shape, depth, delineation, or bass. The tone is lifted to the point of being bright and harsh. The only positive thing I could say is that it has an organic-ish midrange tone. Otherwise, it’s almost like parts of your music is missing.

  • Canare 12G-SDI 4K UHD Single-Channel ($26.95/6ft)
    • This cable is clean and clear but lacks density, depth, and definition. It’s light-footed and very lean. There’s not a lot of meat on the mids or low end. It sounds like an artificially stretched out image with no outlines, focus, or solidity. Much like having a giant spotlight over the entire recording – it lacks contrast. Not a bad cable, but a good example of when a cable sounds spacious but flat at the same time. You’re better off with the Requisite Audio Copper/Silver BNC.

  • Blue Jeans Cable Belden 4855R SDI Cable ($21/6ft)
    • Some might enjoy this cable for its clarity, excitement, and quietness. It’s thin and crispy with decent imaging but completely lacks texture. This cable essentially sounds like a brighter version of the Mogami. There’s no meat on the bones so it sounds like a bunch of zombies and skeletons singing. Overall timbre is quite inaccurate to my ears. Cymbals sound like drums at times. When the music gets busy, it’s unbearably harsh. It has speed, atmosphere, and dimension but just lacks convincing density and warmth.