Requisite Audio D3r – Mr. Squeeky Clean

  • Price
    • $55/3ft
  • Build
    • Conductor: Silver/Copper Alloy

Requisite Audio primarily markets to studios rather than consumers. I didn’t know the price of this cable when I was reviewing it but, assuming audiophile pricing, thought it was at least $500. Then I got (the good kind of) sticker shock when I looked up their prices. One thing’s for sure, these prices won’t remain low for long.

This cable has incredible spatial resolution and resolving capabilities. The tone is elevated (not very warm), clear, and cleaner than neutral. I don’t feel it’s “dirty” enough for hard rock and bass-heavy tracks but it’s a stunner with acoustic, chamber, and orchestral recordings. It handles busy tracks with precision and fine articulation but might be too clean for some ears. I could see why many studios would use this cable. They’re usually looking for something in particular in recordings while mastering.

  • What we like
    • The price. It’s so low, I would just keep one here for reference of how transparent a cheap cable could sound. The whole cable is cheaper than some audiophile connectors…
    • Although it does sound like a typical silver cable, it does have a thin layer of warmth to make it enjoyable and not super clinical.
    • Very good extension in both directions, crazy atmospherics, nuanced in the details and dynamics, speed, clarity, accurate treble, great depth, and fantastic delineation.
    • Bass is well focused and tight but isn’t thick.
    • Amazing spatial resolution. One of the best cables for imaging.
    • Super fast and accurately timed transients. It has no problems in revealing all acoustics reflections in a recording.
    • Great energy. Never sharp or harsh.
    • If you’re looking for air and a super wide and deep soundstage, this cable will do it.
  • Tradeoffs
    • It’s superbly transparent and does many things very well. BUT it doesn’t have weight, density, or richness. Voices, organs, and saxophones sound a little too light-hearted.

Purchasing: Requisite Audio