Monoprice – The Bang for Buck

  • Price
    • $2.35/6ft

Being the cheapest cable (basically free), it was surprisingly good. This cable sounds much better than the Mogami and the others in the graveyard. It doesn’t quite have the articulation, clarity, or spaciousness of some of the much pricier cables but it’s grounded in nice tone and texture. You won’t get the impression that the singers are in the room, but it’s still admittedly musical and enjoyable.

Troubles start to creep in when the recordings get busy. It can’t isolate or individualize the moving parts well – at all. It doesn’t have a lot of body or air. As far as soundstage, it has an OK amount of depth. It’s not a completely flat sound, which is usually a trait reserved for higher-quality cables. There are roughness and grain in the acoustic terrain, but it isn’t too bad. There’s also a sufficient amount of shine. Bass is a little flabby and transients are slower but hey, it’s only $3.00 dude.

  • What we like
    • Tonal accuracy isn’t too bad. For the money, this cable is a no-brainer. It has decent PRaT and could serve as a placeholder until you feel like you need to upgrade.
    • You could also throw some ferrites on it to give it more solidity. Although I don’t think any number of ferrites will fully erase the fuzzy edges or open up the sound in a meaningful way.
    • A decent all-rounder and an amazing value.
  • Tradeoffs
    • You get a lot for your money. It’s musical but won’t excel in anything particular.
    • If you want more depth, contrast, articulation, and better spatial clarity…you’ll have to upgrade.

Purchasing: Monoprice