Danacable PureStream – The Enlightened

  • Price
    • $599/m
  • Build
    • Conductor: Multi-stranded copper

It’s no mystery – I’m a huge fan of Danacable’s USB cable and headphone cables. Like their TruStream USB cables, these BNC cables take a long time to break in – at least 200-300 hours. You’ll be experiencing a decent amount of grain and hash before then but will be rewarded with a smoother, denser sound.

This cable has a delicate blend of resolution and a neutralish-warm tone. It’s light-footed, very quiet, and easily breathes into the room. Transparency is one of its greatest traits. It has fine delineation, good timbre, decent depth, and nice treble shine. Acoustic clarity is definitely in full force with the PureStream.

Live recordings sound particularly vibrant and spacious with the TruStream. It does trade density for atmospherics. No details are left unturned and the acoustic space is allowed freedom of expression.

  • What we like
    • The PureStream is fantastic at layering and separating out the soundstage.
    • It has a very raw transparent overlay over the music. Enough “musical color” to get your toes tapping.
    • Nice air and spatial resolution.
  • Tradeoffs
    • Tonal density and contrast. It’s a little thinner in the mids and not as richly layered.
    • It’s slightly more crispy and diffused in its shape. Not silky smooth.

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