Full Loom

Aside from listening to these cables individually, I wanted to get an idea of how all of the frontRow cables sound as a loom. No surprises here: it didn’t disappoint.


I had the powerChord on the TToby amplifier and RCA signal cables to the Chord DAVE. Usually, the TToby sounds better with a balanced input. But in this case, I preferred the unbalanced connections. It just brought out more refinement over the XLR.

In the end, I had the XLRs going from the Chord DAVE to the subwoofer. And of course, speaker cables from TToby to LSA-10 Statement. Whew.


As far as sound, this combination was somewhat predictable. It’s warm, full, and resolving. One noticeable difference is how the aural structure of the music is further reinforced. In other words, there are more grip, gravitas, and control to how the music is carried out. It’s not splashy, lazy, or confused. The music gets deeper and more curved around the edges. I guess another word would be “spatially precise.” At the same time, the atmosphere is relaxed with a splash of spice.

Basically, if you’re enjoying what the frontRow is already doing, you’ll get more of that in a full loom of Audience cables. In addition, you’ll net more pronounced articulation.

vs. Au24 SX Loom

There are stark differences between Audience’s Au24 SX line and their new flagship frontRow line. One is necessarily better than the other – just different.

Generally speaking, the Au24 SX focuses more on clarity, resolution, soundstage, and excitement. The frontRow prides itself with more meat on the bones, more physical presence, and a more liquid sounding experience.

You get it. Nuff said.