Audience frontRow powerChord

  • Conductors: 6 each/38 strand 99.9999% OHNO Continuous Cast Copper
  • Dielectric: Virgin Cross-linked Polyethylene XLPE
  • Geometry: frontRow
  • Wire Current Capacity: 34.7 amps
  • Shielding: Oxygen Free Copper – Hot Shunt to Ground
  • Connectors: – Audience Rhodium Plated Wall Plug and 15amp or 20amp IEC

The signature of the frontRow powerChord is very similar to the frontRow XLR. It has an analog-esque and glamoured sound that’s easy to listen to. It trades a bit of top-end energy for body, coherence, and tangibility. In essence, it congeals the music into one smooth and liquid stream. No hard edges. No harshness.

The quality I like the most about the frontRow powerChord is its gravitational pull. Performers seem to have a perceptible “volume” and “footprint” on the soundstage. So when I move closer to the speakers, the vocalists remain grounded, well-contoured, and overall more physically present.

vs. Au24 SX

Comparing this cable to the Au24 SX, and we have two different sounds. The Au24 SX is almost analogous to the interconnect comparisons to the Iconoclast cables. It’s very open, detailed, and exciting. The frontRow is meant to virtually place you…in the front row – so it sounds more intimate and fuller-bodied. This quality presents the illusion that there are tangible objects placed before you.

Depending on what you’re looking for, either of these cables would work. Although, if you’re looking to solidify your sound a bit more – go with the frontRow powerChord.