Aurender battery powered True Wireless Lossless speaker system: S5W ($3,000). Up to 50 hours of battery life.

Room 630: Stereo Haven, Leben, Falcon Loudspeakers, Line Magnetic, Well Tempered Lab. This configuration with the Falcon LS3/5a 15-ohm BBC Licensed speakers ($2,195/pr) driven by the Line Magnetic LM508 Integrated amplifier (SET 805) ($4,995) was one of my top picks from the show, regardless of price. Voices sound so natural and properly textured while still being able to layer the musical complexities effortlessly. I hope to hear these again very soon.

Line Magnetic LM-508 Integrated Tube Amplifier – 2X45W ($4,995)

Room 626: SweetVinyl. Janszen electrostatic Carmelita speakers ($4,495)

Room 622: Audio by Van Alstine, Alta Audio, ANTICABLES. Alta Audio Io speakers ($3,500). One word “Musical.”

Wait, is that the…AUDIOPHILIAC?? Wasn’t shy, just wasn’t sure.

Room 618: Sonner Audio, Luxman, Abbindon Music Research. Speakers: Sonner Audio’s Legato Duo speakers ($8,500). DAC: Abbingdon Music Research DP-777 SE ($5,000). Amplifier: Luxman L-509X Integrated (2x120W) ($9,495). Digital cable: iFi 3.0 USB Mercy USB Power 3.0 USB Gemini – iPurifier. Power cable: Kimber Palladian PK10, Nordost Vahalla, Tyr2, Kimber PK10. Interconnect: Nordost Tyr 2. Speaker Cable: Nordost Heimdall 2. Total system: $22,995.

Sonner Audio speaker line…

Room 614: Triangle Art and Egglestonworks. Triangle Art Master Reference turntable ($28,000) & Egglestonworks Viginti loudspeakers ($39,900/pair). That glamorous turntable makes it one of the most ostentatious setups at the show.

Room 610: Angel City Audio, Triode Wire Labs (7 power cords), TEO Audio, Triangle Art. Those ACA Seraphim Prime loudspeakers ($25,000/pair) are beautiful.

Room 606: Fern & Roby, Linear Tube Audio, Black Cat Cable.

LTA MicroZOTL Preamplifier availabe for presale ($3,850).

Room 604: Studio Electric and ModWright Instruments