Room 346: Music Direct, Shunyata, Stillpoints, Balanced Audio Technologies, Aurender, ATC loudspeakers.

Cambridge Audio EDGE NQ ($4,000) and EDGE W power amp ($3,000) + Red Cup

B&W 805 D3 Compact Diamond ($6,000/pr)

The Cambridge Audio crew. Thanks for the beers! Awesome guys and one of the reasons why everything sounded great to our ears! 😉

PS Audio P20 Power Plant ($10,000) were in numerous rooms at the show.

Room 358: Music Direct. Koetsu, Marantz, Aurender, Shunyata Research, Solidsteel, PS Audio, JBL, and ATC SCM50 PSLT Rosewood Loudspeakers.

Room 354: Music Direct. AudioQuest, Aurender, ELAC, iFi Ajudio, Mobile Fidelity Electronics, MoFi Electronics, Outlaw Audio, PS Audio, Rega/Acoustic Energy, Shunyata Research, Solidsteel Racks, Wharfedale.

Room 362: Lone Mountain Audio. ATC – CDA Mk2 CD Preamplifier ($4,299) and ATC SCM50SLT (?) Loudspeakers.

Prism Sound CALLIA USB DAC and pre-amp ($2,100)

Unique looking JBL L100 Speakers ($4,000/pr)

Room 366: Prism Sound. Aurender, Gik Acoustics, and ATC Loudspeakers.

McIntosh MA252 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier ($3,500)

Room 370: VANA LTD. Audio Physic, European Audio Team, Okki Nokki, McIntosh, Saturday Audio Exchange.

PS Audio Sprout ($499) + MarkAudio-SOTA Tozzi One ($445/pr)

Room 374: MarkAudio-SOTA. PS Audio.

Room 378: Madisound Speaker Components. SB Acoustic, Scan-Speak A/S, SEAS Fabrikker AS.

The Madisound room was inspirational. Looking forward to doing some DIY. That’s not my Corona.