High Fidelity Cables shipped in this wonderful mini-bar. The rest was a blur.

Room 534: High Fidelity Cables. Over a half a million dollars of gear in this rig…High Fidelity Cables Pro Elite Power cables (starts at $100,000), Pro Elite Power Conditioner ($80,000), Four Pro Series Power Cords ($21,000 each), Magnetically Modified Transport and DAC from Esoteric (one off), Pro Series RCA interconnects ($18,900), Luminance Audio MA-70 amplifiers ($80-90,000 depending on finish), Pro Series speaker cables ($39,400), BaffleX Speakers ($80-95,000). Wonderfully dynamic and precise, esepcially in its spatial articulation. This is the best their system has ever sounded.

Everyone room should have one of these indicators. Thanks for the shirts HFC!

Room 540: Rainbow-Audio, Angstrom Audio Lab, Marco Serri Design, Ariamateria. Wins Most Artsy speaker of the show 🙂

Room 542: Bandwidth Audio with Tannoy Turnberry SE loudspeakers (~$7,000/pair). Bandwidth Audio Kaskode One Photo preamp ($5,550), Aurora One Line Preamp ($5,500), 288 Mono Power amp ($10,000/pr), 22A3 Mono Power Amp ($11,000/pr).

Some product made by Van Den Hul placed on top of the speakers. Not exactly sure what it does but probably something similar to this.

Room 546: Convergent Audio Technology, A.J. van de Hul BV, Accustic Arts, Essential Sound Products, Finest Fidelity, Galen Carol Audio, MusicCord, The Essence, Vermeer, VPI.


Room 552: Bionic Cables, Aerial Acoustics, Aesthetix, Kuzman.

New product in the Bionic Cables room. The Aesthetix Mimas ($7,000). Hybrid, zero feedback, fully differential integrated amplifier. Features fully discrete switched resistor volume control based on award-winning Calypso preamplifier.

SOtM’s new network switch includes fiber ports…this should be interesting.

Room 554: SOtM. It’s pronounced “Som” folks, not “So-tum.” 😉 Lee and May demonstrated their new sCLK-OCX10 master clock and it sounded much better than what I heard at RMAF 2017. During the A/B, it sounded pretty lifeless and flat without the master clock connected. Dramatic to say the least. I’ll be getting one in for review very soon.

SOtM’s new switch clocked by the sCLK-OCX10