Room 416: Zesto Audio, Benz Micro, Fono Acustica cables. Marten Django L Black speakers ($10,000/pr) driven by Zesto Audio Eros 300 Monoblocks ($19,000/pr). Merrill-Williams Audio, Ortofon, Stillpoints, Tri-Planar.

Zesto Audio Tessera Phono Stage and Eros Monoblocks

Room 430: MSB Technology. Always been impressed with the resolution, smoothness, and clarity of the Select DAC. Unfortunately, at ~$130,000 with all the options, I’ll have to take out a second mortgage. MSB’s room always provides world-class sound at these shows, this year’s AXPONA was no exception.

A few familiar faces 😉 I believe Jason Serinus and Jana Dagdagan were (trying) to record a binaural recording. I would’ve been your Hodor guys!

Room 434: Raidho Acoustics. Chord electronic stack. These Raidho Acoustics D-4.1 speakers ($125,000-$140,000) were a wonderful pairing with the BluDAVE (~$25,000).

Chord Blu Mk.II M-Scaler and Chord DAVE – The ULTIMATE digital source reference

Room 440: Audio Federation. Acapella Audio Arts Cellini High loudspeakers, La Musika integrated amplifier, Audio Note UK Fifth Element DAC, Audio Note UK CDT-Five transport, HRS rack.

Room 442: Magnan Cables, Odyssey, Symphonic Line

Room 446: The Voice That Is, TIDAL Audio, Antipodes, Dynamic Design, Stillpoints, Transfiguration, and TW-Acustic. Great people, great sound.

Room 452: High Water Sound, Homing Hybrid, New Audio Frontiers, TW-Acustic, Vibex. TW-Acustics RPS 100 Phono ($18,000). Horning Aristotle Ellipse Loudspeakers ($16,000). Arte Forma Audio Due Volte 805 SE Amps ($7,500). Vibex Granada/Alhambra Power Filter ($5,000). Furutech cables. Shun Mook room treatments.

Room 454: High Fidelity Services, Neat Acoustics, Signal Projects, Vibex.