Room 384: Schiit & Salk. Good sound for a ~$10,000 system.

Room 384: Salk Song3-A. Transparent with an improved midrange detail over the original Song3. $3,895/pr.

Schiit Audio Freya preamp ($699), Vidar Monoblocks ($699), Gungnir Multibit? ($1,249)

Salk Streamplayer Gen II – Roon & Tidal support! ($1,495)

Room 388: Esoteric. Canton Reference 3 K ($7,800/each)

Room 490: Vanatoo. Known for their all-in-one active speakers. Just plug in your optical or USB cable and you’re set!

Vanatoo Transparent Zero and One ($319/$449 per pair respectively)

Room 496: Bryston. Target Audio Products. Bryston Mini T Bookshelf speakers ($3,700/pr)

Room 380: SB Acoustics. Check out their kits

Bryston 21B3 amplifier. 2 x 300W into 8 ohms. The last ‘3’ of 21B3 is designed to reflect the ‘Cubed’ branding of this amp, which is ideally used to power your Bryston Active Speaker System. Starts at $17,000 for Mini T.

Room 406: J&B Distribution, Amped America, Deluxe Acoustics, LA Audio, Triangle Art, Unison Research.

LA Audio amplifier with Deluxe Acoustics Lamps DAL-350 speakers

Triangle Art and LA Audio

Room 404: Constellation, MartinLogan, Precision AV, and Continuum Audio Labs. MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A loudspeakers ($24,995/pair). Constellation Audio Cygnus media player ($38,000), Pictor preamp ($18,000), Taurus monoblocks ($39,000 for both), and Andromeda phono stage ($18,000). Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian turntable ($35,000) and Viper tonearm ($10,000).

Room 412: AQ – Acoustique Quality, s.r.o., Well Rounded Sound. The two-tone Passion Orca speakers ($5,999) have a unique driver appearance with its gloss lacquer enclosure. High End drivers from prestigious Scandinavian Scan-Speak were carefully selected to achieve an optimum performance. Directly from top of the line Illuminator Woofer a six-inch 8747 with 3D aluminum cone was selected to fulfill mid-bass duties. Cast frame and neodymium magnet ensures extremely linear and long motion of the cone.