There were plenty of standout rooms at this year’s RMAF 2018. The decision for Best of Show was unanimous but many of the best sounding rooms came incredibly close.

In case you missed it, we’ve gone over quite a few of them in our video coverage:

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You’ll probably agree – if these systems were able to sound this good in a hotel room – that speaks volumes about the efforts of the exhibitors and their gear.

Instead of cheap looking certificates and badges, we’re giving out the fancy stuff. 🙂

Feel free to skip to the awards:

Just food pics beyond yonder…

Audio Bacon tradition…FOOD

It ain’t Audio Bacon without some grub and spirits.

Hop Alley – La Zi Ji – Fried chicken, dried chillis, and Sichuan peppers. A crispy and numbing good time! We highly recommend bone marrow fried rice and steamed eggplant. Their spirits are also top-shelf.

Hop Alley – Egg tart with vanilla ice cream – It works!

Urban Farmer – Twice baked fingerling potato tart with BACON

Urban Farmer – 18 oz dry-aged ribeye…

I was heavily under the influence and don’t recall eating this but…it must’ve been great! I’m guessing it was duck?