First up, the Joker soundtrack. This is probably the first time I listened to a movie soundtrack before watching the actual movie. I do plan to watch the 4K & Dolby Atmos Blu-ray when it’s released. I figured it’ll be interesting to see if my listening experience aligns with the actual storyline.

Overall this is a very dramatic and solemn sounding score (duh) – but it’s strangely captivating. The cello work by the Icelandic Hildur Guðnadóttir will shift your mood and straight hypnotize you. In case you didn’t know, she’s also the performer for the Chernobyl and Sicario: Day of the Soldado soundtracks.

One thing that’s clear about the JCAT Signature LAN cable – it doesn’t sound like any other Ethernet cable I’ve heard. It’s the most transparent, quickest, and quietest Ethernet cable in my arsenal. It dissects, collects, and paints a very astute picture. There’s also an undeniable and immediate sense of confidence and clarity. And this makes for quite an experience with this soundtrack.

Shaping Out the Music

Aside from just sheer details, the ability of the JCAT Signature to delineate and shape the music – is in a league of its own. The implication of this is being able to convey the grittiness, scale, and spookiness of Hoyt’s Office and the atmospheric clockwork and interweaving of low-end textures in Meeting Bruce Wayne. There’s a simply greater appreciation of the complexity involved.

This also applies to the nail-biting hollowness heard in Looking for Answers and the sense of urgency (and dread) – in Penny Taken to the Hospital. The JCAT Signature LAN cable is able to outline and pace strings and bass notes in a way that tells an ominous story without vagueness or confusion. It’s disturbing, depressing – and beautiful.

From the lower notes to the higher notes – there’s a clear gradation in dynamics and scale. This is simply something I haven’t heard from any other Ethernet cable.

Next, we have The Cure Anniversary: 1978 – 2018 Live in Hyde Park London.

If you want to maximize the detail-retrieval of your DAC – the JCAT Signature LAN cable will do that for you. Although some of these tracks get pretty busy – it remains congealed and immersive. From the drum stick taps that are sprinkled throughout the album – to the tangible upbeat drumming in Close to Me. There’s just a wholesome and precise quality to the sound.

It’s easy to conclude that the JCAT Signature LAN excels with live recordings. The tone is perhaps a little less warm but the tradeoff may be worth it. It’s more of a projection of sound. Almost as if you converted a 2D cartoon to 3D models.

Electric guitar strides with more resolve and texture while the reverb into the sea of fans in Hyde Park is timed more properly. You could feel the ripples outward with proper weight – and for a convincing amount of time. Throw an (appropriately) deep soundstage – and you have a sound that is incredibly fun and involving. The other cables don’t sound nearly as technical – or as resolving.

SHALOSH. It means ‘three’ in Hebrew. It is the name of a piano trio but also denotes a lot more than that. For the three Israeli musicians, pianist Gadi Stern, bassist David Michaeli and drummer Matan Assayag,

SHALOSH is more than just a band, it is a lifetime’s project. Or as Stern puts it, “SHALOSH is not just a band, it’s an idea.”SHALOSH doesn’t have a leader, and all its music is conceived of collectively.

For all three members, this is their most personal and important project. And they know each other well, not just as musicians, but also in life: Stern and Assayag are friends from childhood with a shared history that began in Jerusalem, where they first started to be talked about as members of the band ‘Enoma Elish’. They founded SHALOSH in 2014.

The JCAT Signature LAN cable, once again, is capable of just layering down the most minute of bass plucks – along with the accuracy and speed of piano finger work. Heft and dimension are ever-present to the sound.

I love this album not just for the quality of the recording – but the wonderful storytelling. You don’t need words to tell a story that consists of a beginning, middle, and end. And trio is able to demonstrate this.

How a Story is Told

From the periodic cymbal splashes and groovy piano play in After the War – to the more graceful demeanor of Children of the 90’s. Each of the three performers has his role. But they’re agile in how they shift from setting the melody and harmony of the performance. This collaborative intent gets a little lost with the other cables.

Also, with the JCAT Signature LAN cable, the presentation is always deep and palpable. This means it’s able to convey the delicacy involved in the mellower Meditation while being able to dramatize The Impossible Love Story of Jackie and Hanan. Essentially, it seemingly has direct control of how fast your heart is racing.

As you progress to the tantalizing drum solo in Take on Me and the tonal variations of the light choir vocals and weighted instruments in Onwards and Upwards – you start to understand what the JCAT Signature LAN cable is all about: An absolutely translucent view into the music.