JCAT Signature LAN Cable


Aside from being physically flexible, I believe this is the first Ethernet cable I’ve heard that doesn’t use copper conductors at all. From experience, “the sound of silver” seems to be more audible in analog cables – but varies with digital cables. In fact, some silver digital cables actually sound warmer than copper ones.

So, where does the JCAT Signature LAN cable fall? Let’s check it out.


  • Pure Silver/7% GOLD alloy conductor
  • High-performance RJ45 connectors from Telegaertner
  • Deep cryogenic treatment
  • Supports 1Gbit connection speed (CAT 6A specification)
  • Available in 1-meter length exclusively
  • Install between music server & network streamer or between Control PC & Audio PC in JPLAY dual PC mode (recommended to use with NET Card FEMTO)

Purchase (900 EUR)

Keep in mind this cable is directional. When flipped the other way, the sound is denser, softer, and warmer – but trades resolution, detail, and depth.