Final Thoughts

An Ethernet cable unequivocally makes an audible difference in your streamed (and locally stored) music. Unless you’re deaf as a post, the JCAT Signature LAN will convince you of that.

The bottom line: the JCAT Signature LAN is a very clean and vivid sounding cable. As a result, it makes the other cables sound a bit speckled and tainted. In ways, it kind of “breathes on you.”

There are an effortlessness and tactile resolve that manifests into a lifelike appeal. This results in emotional and creative tensions being revealed. The amount of depth the JCAT imparts is also unmatched. It’s almost as if objects are dangling in front of you.

A memorable example: as Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are performing Shallow, there’s an audible difference in power and timbre. There isn’t a generalized “blanketed” sound – but a believable one. Overall, it’s refined, crisp, and dynamic. You clearly hear the lifting and plucking of instruments. The sonic strokes are all there – and there’s an individuality to each and every part of the song. In comparison, most other Ethernet cable sounds relatively “blobby” and “lazy.”

The JCAT Signature LAN cable does a superb job of unraveling the nuances of the music. So, if you’re looking for more body, transparency, lifelike resolution, and speed from your digital streams – it doesn’t get much finer than this.

JCAT Signature LAN Cable – Purchase (900 EUR)

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