I’ll be comparing the original Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless to their latest release – the Momentum True Wireless 2. There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions on these two so I’m here to set the record straight. I’ll go over the best settings to get the most out of the MTW2 and do a few comparisons. Hopefully, all of this will help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 received a firmware update that changes the game. High-end sound tuning mode levels up this earbud to a whole new level. In comparison to the original, it’s much closer to what an audiophile or HiFi enthusiast will be looking for.

Quick Comparison

The Gen 1s sound heavier, thicker, boomier. It’s more heavy-handed and less meticulous. And as such, imaging and atmosphere are nonexistent. Also, I think the sound is big, which many tech reviewers attribute to the soundstage. What’s the point of talking about soundstage when localization, layering, or outlines of the music don’t exist. All of those things are just glued together with the Gen 1s. There’s good weight on bass – which is why I think most mainstream consumers would enjoy these more. But the bass artificially thickens most of the lower mids and muddies the sound quite a bit. It’s denser and I guess more physical. Which is understandably alluring for some.

The Gen 2 is more light-footed, leaner, but more textural. So you could hear the individual strings from the bowing of a cello or violin. You could also hear more texture from vocals. It gives it that humanistic sound. The background is also much quieter which helps with separation. You could hear the individual instruments and reverbs much clearer. There’s not nearly as much heft on the bass but it’s tighter, more defined, and still pretty punchy. There’s also more depth information – you could hear how far one instrument is from another. For example, where the singer is standing relative to the guitarist or drummer. I mean, this is the audiophile stuff.

Final Thoughts

Although I still prefer a warmer signature, the MTW 2 has all the Hi-Fi bits you’d hear from a high-performance stereo – in true wireless form. Transients are crisper and more tactile. There’s better reproduction of ambiance and air. And it’s a technical achiever that enhances your connection to the music. And finally, with high-end sound tuning mode on, it deserves to be called an audiophile-grade TWS earbud. Those who are familiar with Sennheiser’s sound signature will be pleased. For those who watch a lot of videos, listen more casually, enjoy too much bass, and prefer a thicker sound, grab the original MTW.