Final Thoughts


The Chord Company Sarum T digital cable is bound to be a crowd favorite. Especially to those that value spatial resolution, transparency, and timing. It reveals the essence of the music.

Those who know me, know I prefer a richer tone – but I honestly had a great time with the Sarum T. It allowed me to see through the music and appreciate the all the layers in a new light. It’s a mesmerizing experience – especially in the realm of acoustic insight.

The amount of musical information is astounding – which makes the Chord Company Sarum T digital a reference for articulation, transparency, and resolution.

When music flows in a very natural way – it’s something you realize immediately. It has the proper pace and seamless movements. You learn more about the instruments and the artists. And you’ll play music all the way through. Both out of enjoyment – and curiosity.

Purchasing: The Chord Company Sarum T Digital ($2,775 USD)

Available as RCA, BNC, USB, AESEBU and streaming digital interconnects.