JCAT launches flagship USB interconnect and high-performance USB+LAN Ground Conditioner

Signature USB Cable

The Signature USB Cable is the flagship USB cable from JCAT offering the highest level of sound quality and listening pleasure. The cable is handcrafted using the mix of purest silver & gold alloy with silver copper conductors in special geometry providing extremely high bandwidth. The price for 1m cable is 900EUR and includes free worldwide express delivery. Available at jcat.eu   

USB+LAN Ground Conditioner

A revolutionary improvement for any USB or network digital source. Improves sound & image quality by reducing computer induced noise. Simply connect the USB Type A lead of the cable to any USB port, the RJ45 lead to any Ethernet port in your music server & the AC plug to a wall socket and experience immediate improvements in background noise, dynamics and resolution. The cable is handcrafted using the very best high purity OCC copper multistrand wire with advanced shielding. Available with EU Schuko, US & UK AC connectors. The price for 1.3m length is 500EUR and includes free worldwide express delivery. Available at jcat.eu

Pictures of the products attached. More info at www.jcat.eu