Here are some comparisons to give you a better idea of where the Sarum T stands versus other popular digital BNC cables. Different characteristics will appeal to different ears. Pick the one that works for you.

Snake River Audio Boomslang Digital BNC ($595 each)

  • The Boomslang is warmer, denser, and more wholesome.
  • The Sarum has more bass definition but the Boomslang provides more heft and slam.
  • The Boomslang trades some clarity, sparkle, and resolution for more soulful timbre.
  • The Sarum T has far superior timing of reflective cues.
  • The Sarum T is much quieter.
  • The Boomslang has more bleeding in the musical flow while the Sarum T is ridiculously precise.
  • The Sarum T is more “hyped” and clean while the Boomslang is more relaxed.

Wave High Fidelity STREAM ($655 each)

  • The STREAM has a very natural presence – in both weight and tonal variations. Superb tonal balance across the entire spectrum.
  • Both Sarum T and STREAM are very quiet and smooth.
  • The STREAM is cozier and fuller with a more euphonic tone. The Sarum T is more crystalline and crisp.
  • The STREAM has more palpability in contours (like 3D objects) while the Sarum T outlines and unravels the tiniest of textures.
  • The STREAM has truer tone while the Sarum T presents more lifelike resolution.
  • These two have completely different presentations. Some will prefer one over the other.

Ansuz Acoustics Digitalz C2 ($3,000 each)

  • Closest to the Sarum T in both sound and price.
  • The Digitalz C2 has a calmer more liquid flow while the Sarum T is more raw and delineated.
  • The Digitalz C2 is more neutrally toned while the Sarum T has more excitement and shine.
  • Both are free of any grain or harshness.
  • Both are highly resolving and articulate cables.